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The Lightning Who Was Afraid to Strike

Join Little Lightning, a young bolt of energy, as she learns to overcome her doubts and fears with the help of her Daddy. On this stormy night, she discovers the power of courage, self-belief, and perseverance. With her Daddy's guidance, Little Lightning finds the strength to shine brightly and illuminate the night sky. This heartwarming tale is a reminder that even the smallest sparks can light up the darkest nights.

- Suitable for 1-9 years old

- Length: 34 Pages Full Colour

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Leia, 2

"Lightning and thunder!"
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The Chu Family

"What a lovely bed time read for the kids to enjoy. Keep them coming!"
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Milly, 9

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"I like that her dad was there to give her confidence in herself. I like that the story is a girl and her dad."
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The Lightning Who Was Afraid to Strike

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